Personal reflections of the mundane, tense, and quiet moments during an extended period of isolation. ‘Life in Limbo’ attempts to capture a dreamy state of sleeplessness that unfolded as days turned into weeks, which turned into months.These images were taken during repeated lockdowns in 2021, which was a challenging time for me personally. It is a direct response to what I was feeling at the time; influenced by my surrounding environment: the urban wetlands of Colombo – this body of work attempts to capture my shifting emotional and mental states in juxtaposition with my environment. Considering the influence evolving technologies and daily habits have on how we tell visual stories today, I chose to document this series with my mobile phone.

Photos taken in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Tashiya de Mel

Tashiya de Mel is a photographer, environmental advocate, and communications specialist who uses visual storytelling to create narratives that drive social change and highlight impacts of the environmental and climate crisis.
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